Note: I am in a very reflective mood after a very long time of prayer tonight, Harry says I am just being overly dramatic and poetic with my writing, but for God’s sake (literally for God’s sake) I am halfway across the world right now, so I have earned the right to be dramatic. Continue on.

Today was our final day of preparation before we jump into things. As Rosalin, our main contact here, most eloquently stated with her laughter and infectious enthusiasm, “After today— very, very, very busy.” Her excitement is not in vain because God is moving in and through all of us, and we all have the privilege of playing some part in His plan. (How exciting! Her cheer is rubbing off on me already.) 

We began the day with prayer, Bible reading, and mapping out the next few days (there is little else to do here without wifi and unnecessary entertainment which we are used to in America). As the day progressed, clouds filled the sky and the temperature dropped significantly. Rosalin and her husband, Jyoti, warned us that today marks the beginning of the monsoon season, and I got to witness the storms (Harry was copying Jesus and sleeping through the storm. Typical). The storm brought: Winds. Rain. Stray animals panicking. Power outages. Booming Thunder (or is it lightning? Think about it). Though the storm today did not last very long, there was this period of pure bliss before the storm. A time when the temperature dropped, the winds ceased, and an eery silence reverberated throughout the town instead of the normal clamor which comes from this city of 50 million people. What was this weird phenomenon? I can only describe it as this: The Calm Before the Storm. 

In many ways, this is exactly what we have experienced over the last few days. We have been diligently preparing, we have sensed something approaching, and we have been dwelling in this period of peace before we dive fully into all that God has for us. 

The day culminated with a prayer meeting attended by some church members and friends of Rosalin. There were about 16 of us there, including the young man who was Baptized with the Holy Spirit last night. We had a short time of prayer, shared briefly about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (something that the majority of the room had not experienced yet longed for), then had the young man share about his experience from last night. By time we were finished with the meeting, every believer (around 10 or so) who wanted to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit had begun speaking in new tongues (this part is always confusing for Harry and I because we are unsure if it is an Indian language or a Heavenly one). Rosalin was very excited as usual about this move of the Holy Spirit, but as Harry and I talked about tonight’s experience, it seems oddly commonplace. Don’t get me wrong, we are not taking it for granted. However, we have come to realize that as we seek after God, He is always, yes always, faithful in His response with signs, wonders, and miracles wherever we are in the world (Indiana, India, Topeka, Timbuktu, etc.) 

So here we are, on the brink of the storm. God is already moving. The winds are beginning to pick up. The thunder echoes in the distance. Tomorrow begins the “very, very, busy” and we are very, very ready.

Much love for my homies,
Grayson Judd