KETA is an intensive training program developed to equip committed believers to empower people to share their faith and do the works of Jesus. The coursework is designed with attention to global application with the intention that the training will be used to reach unreached people wherever in the world they may be.


  • Lead outreach events
  • Train other committed believers to be trainers
  • Speak to groups about the ministry of the believer
  • Communicate the Gospel cross-culturally
  • Travel as representatives of The Kerysso Project
  • Give Life: lead people to Jesus and do His works
  • Proclaim the Gospel with clarity and boldness
  • Lead people into the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • Teach the I Give Life Course
  • Train individuals and groups to give life


The curriculum requires 3 hours of class time weekly and 5-7 hours of outside-of-class assignments. The coursework includes attending lectures, participating in group discussions, passing reviews, reading, viewing videos, presenting material to the class, and working on individual and group projects. One weekend per month, KETA offers required activities or special training seminars. Students need reliable internet access to complete their studies.

Before classes begin, students are expected to complete the School For Life series: The Essential Eight, Lessons for Living the Abundant Life.

There is also a requirement to serve in a local church in a position that requires responsibility and accountability while enrolled in KETA.

Registration Process

  • Turn in completed KETA application
  • Pay registration fee of $50
  • Schedule admission interview




Tuition & Fees

Tuition: $750 (includes books)
Registration fee: $50 (non-refundable)

Contact KETA for the cost to international students.