We have finally arrived in India after two 8 hour flights: Atlanta-Paris, Paris-New Dehli. We spent the night in a hotel in the New Dehli Airport. We had to pass through 5 different security checkpoints just to get to our room, which makes me wonder who has been trying to sneak into this hotel. Grayson and I have had trouble not staring at the security guards who are walking around with AK-47’s. It seemed like one was guarding a water fountain last night, and I still don’t know if it was for the safety of the drinker or the water fountain. Either way, I am not allowed to drink the water here, which is a real struggle, mainly because I need water to survive. Using a water bottle to rinse your toothbrush is about as exciting as it sounds. Speaking of sounds, I am surrounded by Indian accents (go figure), which tempts me to give up my Southern accent. Seriously, I could spend the whole month refining my Indian accent, but this practice might be offensive to their culture. I’ll pray about it. Foreign countries are, for lack of a better word, foreign. Your senses are overwhelmed, and you feel out of place. But, one thought I’m always comforted by is that wherever you go, people are people. So in the middle of India, I do not have to worry about a thing because God takes care of me and desires to flow through me to meet the needs of the people around me, regardless of their skin color or bathroom habits. God loves these people, so I choose to lay down my life for them this next month. Thank God, He empowers us to do just that. Nothing compares to the cause of Christ. What an honor and privilege to show people Jesus, specially to a people who have not seen very much of Him. Please pray for us to speak boldly as we should, to be strong in the Lord, and to have opportunities to share with open people. 

Much love,
Harry Judd