Hey everyone! It's Nate Barbour and I want to share with you just a little about what's been happebing on our trip. As our team boarded flight DL369 headed for Nicaragua, our expectation was soaring far beyond the expected altitude of the plane. We had spent numerous hours in prayer for this trip and each of us had heard God beckoning us to higher heights in our relationships with him and our ministry to the world around us.

I stared out the window as we waited on the tarmac for our plane to take off. In those quiet moments, I heard God whisper to me that He was calling us to another level in our ministry and that this trip to Corinto, Nicaragua would be a vital step up to the next place.

The plane shot down the runway and we were off.  Amidst a turbulent flight, the captain's voice came over the loudspeaker telling us that once we got to a higher altitude the flight would be much smoother. Interesting, huh?  Sometimes the things we are currently going through could be a little smoother if we would just climb a little higher.  Perhaps that means taking a higher perspective so you can see that your shaky situation is an opportunity for God's sufficient supply. Or it could be that rising to a higher altitude means changing your hasty attitude.

Regardless of your outlook, going to a higher level is what's on the Captain's log.

We spent a good portion of our day getting oriented to Corinto and learning the history and lay of the land. And after arriving to our destination followed by only several hours of sleep, we also needed a siesta in the afternoon.

Once we were refreshed, we walked down the street to Iglesia Luz y Vida for a church service. Immediately, I joined in on worship with my guitar and later had the opportunity to sing "Grande Eres Dios" before Mala and John shared a couple of healing testimonies.  It was the perfect set up for my message on "Doing the Works of Jesus."  We told the Nicaraguan believers that they too could do the works of Jesus as described in John 14:12 and Matthew 11:4-5. And the only requirement: believe.

Then we demonstrated just how the works of Jesus worked. About a dozen people came forward to receive healing. From back and neck pain to heel spurs and eye issues, our team ministered alongside a few of our fellow Nicaraguan believers and laid hands on each person. One by one, each person testified that God had healed them.

God certainly elevated those folks to a higher level. Being set free from back pain, being able to turn your head freely, being able to see clearly, walking without wincing...all of these are testimonies of going to another level.  And the believers who prayed alongside our team, they went to another level as they witnessed what God could do through them.

What about you?  How could an altitude adjustment take you to another level?  Maybe take advantage of the next opportunity to minister to someone in pain and see what God can do through you.