The enemy wants you distracted. I’m pretty certain of that. He uses whatever forces he can to get your eyes off God. His number one target is your flesh because it is our weakest member here on this earth. Coleman experienced this truth first hand.

The second night in Mumbai, Coleman was slated to do the healing service. I was excited for him to get this opportunity to step out and be bold. We showed up at the meeting, and no one had arrived yet. Unfortunately, the lack of attendance was not the biggest problem. It seemed that the people had been replaced by bugs. Yes, bugs. There were these pesky ants all over the floors, right where Coleman was supposed to be preaching. On top of that, big bugs were flying around harassing the team. It was quite a sight! At some point, actual people joined the bug party. Before we knew it, the room was packed out. This is the environment where Coleman was supposed to minister on the Love of God.

Coleman stood up to speak. Mind you, the ants hadn’t moved yet. We thought maybe there would be some miraculous parting of the ant sea, but no, this was more of a “stand your ground” sort of night. Before I continue, it’s important that I fill you in on a little bit of Indian culture. When you are preaching inside a building, it is custom to wear no shoes. Basically, you preach barefoot. So, Coleman’s white feet were all exposed. As you can imagine, the ants were having a field day crawling all over his feet as he preached! Then, big bugs were swooping in around his head and getting in his hair. Based on my observations, they had some plan to take down the big white guy: infantry at the feet and air raids at the face. Then, next thing you know, the power went out! How the bugs pulled this off, I have no idea! This meeting was reminiscent of the plagues in Egypt. I was just hoping we didn’t start breaking out in boils. (I forgot to mention that whenever Coleman paused, there was one man who would interrupt him by yelling.) Somehow, Coleman made it through the message, and people received healing! God still worked in all the chaos, and the phrase “ants in your pants, ears, eyes, mouth and nose” had a whole new meaning. At least I think that’s the phrase…

The story may be humorous, but distractions will come your way every time you step out to do God’s work. Just remember to keep your eyes on Jesus. Your flesh may want to freak out and run, but stand your ground… even if it is covered in ants. The promise stands that Jesus will keep you in perfect peace as you keep your mind stayed on Him. Hold on to that truth!

Hope this encourages you today!

Give some life.


The ORU Team snapped this pic of some of the bugs!

The ORU Team snapped this pic of some of the bugs!