Coleman has been on a strict mango diet. I saw him eat about 8 yesterday. This is not an exaggeration either. His skin is turning orange, and he’s officially earned the name “Colemango”. When a mango is on his plate, it doesn’t remain very long.

Fruit that remains—that’s what God wants. God’s fruit looks much different than mangoes; His fruit is people. His word is the seed that penetrates hearts and brings forth salvation. He desires that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth, that the precious fruit of the earth would be harvested.

On June 9, we left Mumbai and flew over to Bhubaneswar. Then, Roselin and Jyoti picked us up from the airport and took us to visit some of their family. They gave us SO much ice cream. I was really happy. I don’t know why I mentioned the ice cream because it was not a major highlight. I just think I want to experience the same treatment if I ever come to your house. We can learn something from the Indians. Ice cream covers a multitude of sins. I’m sure Jesus had ice cream at Zaccheus’s house. We don’t really know why Martha was in such a big tizzy that day while Mary was at Jesus’s feet. I’d like to think ice cream was involved. Could she have been preparing a milkshake or a sundae of sorts? We may never know. If you look in the original Greek, the words “ice” and “cream” are never mentioned in the New Testament, but neither is the word “rapture”. Food for thought! As I’m writing this, Roselin just brought us ice cream. God does answer prayers, kids. Pray on.

One last random thought before I continue. Chick-fil-a could be wildly successful in India. Chicken is the most common Indian dish, and cows are worshipped. Think about it. An Indian Chick-fil-a would make a killing. If you want to get in on the ground floor of this venture, just facebook me.


After getting settled at the house, we had our first meeting at Good News Cuttack. I shared on Righteousness, and Coleman ministered on Identity. It was exciting to encourage our Indian brothers and sisters! As I sat and listened to Coleman speak, I remembered two years ago when Grayson and I spoke at the very first Good News Cuttack service. Two years later, they were still meeting. That is a big deal!

After we shared, a man got up and testified. His name is Daniel, and he got baptized in the Holy Spirit during our last trip. Without any instruction, Daniel began to tell of all the things that he had learned and been trained in since coming to Good News Church. He shared a story of meeting a very sickly man, who had diabetes and high blood pressure, along with lots of other physical problems. Bedridden, the man had been suffering for five years. Daniel also noticed a serious cut or infection on the man’s thigh. Knowing his authority as a believer, Daniel laid hands on the man and commanded him to be healed. He left the man, only to be called back two days later. The man had regained all of his strength! The infection had left! The man was completely healed! He said that it was because of Daniel’s prayers. Daniel told him that Jesus healed him, and the man came to know Jesus!

Daniel shared another story of a blind man reading for the first time after Daniel had prayed for him over the course of five months. Daniel is an ordinary believer. He pulls a rickshaw and has a lovely family with three daughters. He is passionate about God and wants to be a part of what He is doing in the earth. Daniel is fruit that remains. Seeds that were sown two years ago have been watered, and God is bringing forth more fruit. This is why we are coming to India! We need more Daniels.

God wants to raise up every believer to be a skilled laborer in the fields of the world. He has a harvest of souls—His precious fruit. This fruit is much more valuable than mangoes, at least I’m still trying to convince Colemango that it is. God’s fruit is for the world to taste and see that God is good, that all people would know Him.

Thank you for partnering us in this mission to raise up more believers. I’m excited to share with you more stories while we are here, but the important thing is for us to have fruit that remains. I desire that ten years from now that there would be more believers giving life in their worlds. Let’s continue to believe God for open doors and for more laborers to harvest the precious fruit of the earth.

Greet the brethren with a holy kiss for me,