God lives inside of me. I mean literally, not figuratively. I am His house, His temple. 

He bought this real estate when I was an old, dilapidated house in desperate need of renovation.

He saw value in me, potential in me. So, He purchased me with the end in mind. He knew what He could make me into.

He told me He didn’t need my help, just my permission. So, I signed the dotted line. I was now His! He began to do His work on me.

His process was simple. He didn’t hire laborers or help; He did it all Himself. And to ensure that the job got done, He moved in on day one. He would tear down the old and raise up a new house with His own two hands.

I enjoyed watching Him work, and His work was quick. He didn’t eat or sleep until the project was complete. He built the house just like He liked. It was bigger and better than I thought it would be! He surprised me when He began to fill me with His possessions. He brought these grand treasures from around the world and put them inside of me. 

He told me that He had sold His old house to live in me. Little did I know that from the beginning He had planned to stay permanently. I thought I was just a fixer-upper or some charity case, that He was going to sell me off when He was done with me. But He’s not finished with me yet!  

I am a house fit for a King. God lives inside of me.