Here is a simple thought for you: one day, the Word became flesh. 

When Jesus was born, He had no knowledge of the Scripture. He did not come out quoting the Bible or singing hymns. In fact, He did not even possess the ability to read. He had to grow and develop just as we did. By the age of 12, He knew the Word well enough to chat and discuss with the religious leaders. It's clear that the Word was becoming flesh. By the age of 30, He stands up to read the scrolls in His hometown of Nazareth. The passage from Isaiah echoed forth from hundreds of years before, and Jesus proclaimed that He was the fulfillment of this prophecy. On that day, the Word became flesh.

But how could the carpenter's son make such claims? The town's response was nothing short of pandemonium. They did worse than throwing Him under a bus; they attempted to throw Jesus off a cliff. What a friendly homecoming! Jesus wasn't phased by the moment though. The Word was still the Word even if others did not agree. 

Is the Word becoming flesh in your life?