We went to a school in Alemania where they allowed our team, in partnership with Iglesia Hosanna, to come and do a VBS type of outreach to children. In a Socialist country, we had such favor that they actually shut down school in the middle of the day and allowed a Christian church to come and preach to the kids!  There were over one hundred adults and children and we were immediately met with the opportunity to show the love of Jesus and the goodness of God.


I met so many young boys and had funny conversations with them in Spanish. I asked them if they had girlfriends (and they laughed) and what kind of sports they liked (and they said futból and beisból).  We did high fives and I took numerous pictures of them in silly poses with their friends. One kid had orange fingers from eating cheese puffs or Doritos, so I nicknamed him "Naranja." All of the boys thought that was hilarious. We laughed and laughed when I called him "Orange," even though his name was Marvin.


We met Josie, Juan, Elmer, Junior, Jorge, Omar, Rudy and many others. Cristiano and the other boys chased a chicken and caught it so Lindsey could get a picture. Surely you've seen documentation of Lindsey's ministry to animals on my Facebook page.


John shared a message about God's love with the entire group and Mala led them all in the prayer of salvation. Of course, we fed them and loaded them up with lots of candy from the piñata.  I'm praying that these boys grow up to be strong men of God and serve Him all the days of their lives. I hope you'll join me in lifting them up to our Father.

After lunch, Cheyenne took us to Maxi Palí (WalMart) in Chenandega. While some of the team shopped for some necessities, John and I took off down the aisles to minister to people. We whipped out our Salvation and Miracles scripts that we had translated in Spanish.  We met several people who were already believers and then we met Edwin. Edwin was a man who appeared to be in his mid 40s and he told us that he had pain in his espalda (back). We commanded the pain to go in the name of Jesus (in Spanish using our script) and told him to bend over. When he did, his facial expression was the same. However, when we asked him how he felt, he said all the pain was gone!  Gloria a Dios!  (We've since discovered that the facial expressions here in Nicaragua don't determine anything. Some of the Nicaraguenses have the same facial expression when they're sad or if they've won the lottery.)


We've also discovered that WalMart is always open for ministry. Whether in GA, SC or Central America, where there's a marketplace, there's an open door to minister to people. We talked with numerous people there and also in the open air market in the plaza at Corinto where we led about 6 people to accept Christ as their Savior!


As you're shopping today, keep in mind that God has a larger mission at hand. Look around and see who may be hurting and broken because you have healing and restoration to offer as you point people to Jesus!