Hello all! My name is Juan Santiago Rafael Jacobo Hombre Alto or you can just call me JT. Over the course of seven days, you think I could tell you that I have seen it all. Well, I can tell you that I have definitely seen a lot; but God is showing me more and more everyday. I have seen my team pour out laughter and joy. I have seen my team cry together. However, that is not what I am going to update you on today. There are three things that God has been showing me during my stay in Corinto.

  First, I have had a deep revelation of the value of worth. I have watched a people who by no means should be happy in their situations, yet they have a joy about them that is infectious. Between ministering to several congregations of sick and hurting people, you would think that most would lose hope. But I have seen a strong and unshakable faith that moves mountains. They value community and one another. I have seen what it means to value people the way God wants us, as believers, to. These people are showing what Jesus says to love your neighbor as yourself. I talked about worth with some prisoners from Luke 12 a few days ago, but one example that immediately comes to mind is the pastor that we are staying with. We are currently living in a mission house next door to the pastor of Luz y Vida church, Pastor Luis. He, along with his family, have reminded me of a passage from John 12. Jesus is visiting with His friends Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. Pastor Luis and his family remind me of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. They welcomed Jesus with open arms into their home. They humbly served their friend and took the best care of Him. I can honestly tell you that Pastor Luis and his family have treated us as if we are family. Their kindness and generosity overwhelm me constantly.

Second, I have come to understand the heart of worship. I love worship and I love where a congregation can go in worship. I have attended many, and I do mean many, worship services over the course of my short life. Never have I experienced any worship service quite like the services I have attended over the course of this last week. These people understand the heart of worship and these people generously pour themselves into times of worship. You can tell that these believers long for an intense relationship with the Father and it is beautiful.

  Finally, I have come to see the importance of your legacy. While praying on the second day of our trip, Holy Spirit said to me, "footprints" in the form of a vision. What could this mean? How does this apply to the trip? He showed me that most often we as humans want to leave a mark on the world. However, we as believers need to realize we are leaving His mark on the world everywhere we go. Holy Spirit showed me that it is more important that by the end of the trip, the people of Nicaragua will have met and experienced Jesus and not Juan Santiago Rafael Jacobo Hombre Grande. God reminded me of Romans 10:15, "How beautiful are the feet of those who share the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ." (Emphasis mine) This verse is important to understand. The feet are beautiful because they look exactly like Jesus' feet. The owner of those feet do everything Jesus did and more (John 14:12). As my time is coming to a close in Nicaragua, I pray that you, dear reader, understand that you have beautiful feet if you walk as Jesus walked.


And just like the picture/ title says, you can and will walk in mucho power in Jesus!

In Christ,

John J. R. Talman